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China women in first place at World Juniors
World Junior Curling Championships 2019
SPORTIAN 기사입력  2019/02/22 [23:03]
▲ China’s Yu Han     © [SPORTIAN] 편집국

[SPORTIAN=편집국]  Russia also had a win in this session, by 10-7 over Korea, as did Canada, who beat Norway by 8-2, and these results mean that Canada, Russia and Switzerland all share second place.

China sealed their win with four successive single steals in the second half against Switzerland, while Russia’s win came after they had given up a score of five points to their Korean opponents in the first end.

After this game Russia’s skip Vlada Rumiantseva said, “that was very difficult because we lost a score of five in the first end and then had to catch up for the rest of the game. We’re still in the semi-final hunt but it’s still too early, and we must win at least one more game."

Canada’s win over Norway featured steals of two points in both the sixth and seventh ends. After this game, Abby Mark, Canada’s third player said, “we feel really good going into our last two games. The teams are all really good here, the competition is so strong - there are a lot of good players, so we have to play at the next level. Selena (skip) is playing awesome - she’s definitely saved me a few times! I think we are hitting our stride at the right time."

Sweden beat United States by 10-6 in this session, and now share fifth place with Korea, just one win off a semi-final qualification slot. Speaking about her team’s qualification prospects, Sweden skip Tova Sundberg said, “it’s really tight now. I’ve not done the research on the situation, but the only thing we can do something about is our own game, so we have to focus on that and whatever happens in other games happens.”

In the fifth game of the session, Japan recorded their first win so far, beating Scotland by 10-4. Following this their skip Ami Enami said, “it feels good to have that win. We have been playing just as well in the other games but there are a lot of strong teams here.

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