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Olympic momentum to continue with Olympic Celebration Tour investment
SPORTIAN 기사입력  2018/10/11 [00:35]
The momentum gathered for curling at this year’s Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea, is set to continue with the Foundation for Global Sports Development confirming they’ll continue to invest $USD 50,000 in the World Curling Federation’s Olympic Celebration Tour.

▲  출처. World Curling Federation    © [SPORTIAN] 편집국

Curling drew a great deal of attention back in February and March in South Korea - with mixed doubles making its Olympic debut; the A Team’s Mr. T introducing the popular #CurlingIsCoolFool social media campaign and historic first medals for the host nation, as well as for Japan (women) and China (wheelchair) and the United States collecting their first ever gold medal.

But, the most important part of ensuring curling’s legacy and making sure it continues to grow and develop worldwide is introducing the sport at the grassroots level, something the Olympic Celebration Tour plays a vital part in.

World Curling Federation President, Kate Caithness, said: “We’re pleased that the Foundation for Global Sports Development have continued to fund our Olympic Celebration Tour, which had multiple stops across the United States and in Europe in the past season.

“Going forward we will look at taking more stops into our Pacific-Asia zone, where there is a growing interest for our sport with the 2018 Games in South Korea and the next edition being in Beijing in 2022.”

The Olympic Celebration Tour is a series of hands-on introductory curling sessions that can be delivered over a number of days, in curling clubs, schools and sports clubs across the world. On the ground, it is delivered by the World Curling Federation’s team of Competitions and Development Officers and at least one Olympic curler attends each stop.

Dr. Steven Ungerleider, Global Sports Development Executive Board Member, said: “We are pleased to continue our support of the Olympic Celebration Tour, as it is successfully engaging youth and families around the world in the sport of curling.”

David Ulich, Global Sports Development Executive Board Member, said: “This programme from the World Curling Federation is instrumental in building interest in winter sports leading up to the Beijing 2022 Games.”


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